2100W Electric Hand Mixer For Cream Soap And Paint Mixing

Steering wheel Stirrer Easily mix mid-viscosity fluids such as Soap, Cream, cosmetics, plaster, food, cement, paint and more on the go with 2100W of handheld mixing power 60cm stir bar Link.

This machine is used to mix, disperse and dissolve materials with various viscosity. The saw tooth disc rotates along with the shaft very quickly and exerts a strong shear, impact and crush force to rapidly mix, disperse and grind materials. Due to the rotor is generated by high speed rotation high tangent speed and high frequency mechanical effect bring strong kinetic energy, so that immiscibility of solid phase,liquid phase and gas phase in the corresponding mature technology and right amount under the common function of additives, the instant uniform fine disperse emulsion, after high frequency move in circles, ultimately get the steady and high quality products.

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