Beauty 7 in 1 Hydrodermabrasion Hydrofacial Machine

Skin deep cleaning & moisturizing Skin detox & sedation Skin tightening & lifting Skin whitening & brightening Wrinkle & blackhead removal Anti-aging & skin rejuvenation Improve skin elasticity & luster.

Working Principle
1.Bi-pole RF: penetrating the barrier of epidermal basal melanophore, heating the dermal collagen fibers to 55°C-65°C to accelerate contraction.
2.Ultrasonic: activating cells, accelerating metabolism and promoting cell
3.Vibration: stimulating and relaxing skin
4.H2 / O2 spray: producing oxyhydrogen combined with essence, quickly penetrating dermis through high pressure injection to provide nutrients thus reduce wrinkles, whiten, brighten
5.Water dermabrasion + vacuum cleaning: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration
6.Cold hammer: shrinking pores, enhancing collagen fiber, constricting blood vessels.

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