Extra Whitening Collagen Scrub


We are all about ageless glow with non-toxic beauty.
oyinlewaflawless extra whitening collagen scrub has been beautifully created to meet up with tough skin to exfoliate even the thickest dead skin layers, this gives whiter result than the regular scrub so that you can glow and have a brighter skin tone especially when any of our skincare product is applied on that exfoliated skin. the scrub comes in a 250gm cup which is filled with high cosmetic grade whitening actives, antioxidants, botanicals nutrients, minerals, trace elements, herbal oils that moistures and exfoliants.
use along with other kits to get the perfect finishing.
awesome for all skin types.
we do delivery worldwide.
do you have any question about dark knuckles, stretch marks, dry skin, pimples, green veins, spider veins, white spots, black spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, unhealthy scalp, hair loss or any other skin issues
please comment below for free consultations and also long lasting healthy solutions.

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