Power Pimple Clear Face Cream


Ageless glow with non toxic beauty.
power pimples clear cream cleanses the pores by penerating deep underneath the skin, to eradicating germs and unclogging the dirt pores to leave the skin, look fresh and supple. please note in order to retain the smooth face more permenantly, take less alcohol, watch your diet, maintain high hygiene, drink adequate amount of water daily and avoid using harmful cosmetics.
for effective results you should also add 100% our organic cleanser without alcohol, it cleanses, refreshes and rehydrates. it contains alantoin and many natural ingredients. use with kit to get more benefits.
, we are your one stop skin problem solution provider.
do you have any question about dark knuckles, stretch marks, dry skin, pimples, green veins, spider veins, white spots, black spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, unhealthy scalp, hair loss or any other skin issue.
we do delivery worldwide.

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