Diploma In Online Skincare Training Course

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1. Treatment for pimples

2. Whitening/pimple facial mask and diet too

3.Natural night cream

4.Night cream for fairness

5. Night cream for glowing skin

6. Russian white lotion

7. Promixing glutax

8. Whitening lotion

9. Glowing cream for babies

10. Hot chocolate lotion

11. Skin glowing night cream

12. Pimples face cream

13. Pimples eradicating soap

14. Bright and Glow glutax whitening lotion

15. Papaya whitening lotion

16. Face cream

17. Extra whitening black soap

18. Whitening body scrub

19. Half-caste cream

20. Exfoliator

21. Moisturizing cream

22. Natural body exfoliation

23. Natural body scrub

24.Herbal body treatment soap

25.Natural hair growth cream

26. Aloe vera soap

27.homemade hair conditioner

28. Skin toning herbal soap

29. Promixing bleached skin and treatment oil

30. Bleached skin treatment cream

31. Moisturizing herbal

32. Black soap

33. Face primer

34. Face primer for oily

35. Skin face primer for normal skin

36. Exfoliating light soap

+ 50 other courses.


2 reviews for Diploma In Online Skincare Training Course


    I want to learn

    • admin

      Hi, Temilola. Please call or WhatsApp us on: +234 813 624 2122

  2. Enny

    How much is training

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